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Business Floor Care Without The Mess

Business Floor Care

Business floor care is a sizable factor in the presentation of your business. Businesses whose floors are dirty, wet, damaged, or stained say to customers “I don’t care about your safety or opinion.” 

What do your floors say about your business’s brand? Floors are amongst the first things your customers see in your facility. They’re also the first to get dirty. 

Here’s how to professionally care for your business’s floors with ease:

Better Cleaning Methods

Better floors always start with better cleaning methods. It is a careful balance of frequency and method. Naturally, you want to clean your floors every day, ideally more than once a day. This leaves dirt, grime, and moisture with zero chance of clinging to the floor surface, especially if you have more porous floor types (i.e., concrete, tile). Aside from keeping your floors cleaner, frequency keeps unnecessary damages and permanent staining at bay. As an added bonus, it also makes your floors generally safer! But frequency is not everything, of course. It is also a matter of cleaning your floors the right way. 

What the “right way” means depends greatly on the type of floors you have. It also depends on the kind of foot traffic and exposure your floors get. The general rule of thumb, however, is a combination of thorough dusting/vacuuming and then wet mopping with an appropriate cleaning agent. Drying your floors thoroughly is essential. This avoids moisture-induced issues that can range from harmless spots and streaks to bigger problems like mold, mildew, and rot.  

Better Cleaning Tools

No cleaning method is effective enough without the right tools. That is why you need an arsenal of floorcare essentials. This goes beyond a good vacuum. Mops make a bigger impact in cleaning your floors and keeping them clean for a longer time. Your mops should have sturdy, flexible handles. This allows you to get into corners and under furniture. Second, your mops should have durable mopheads – the kind that absorbs a good amount of liquid and can effectively pick up dust and dirt. Because floors get incredibly filthy, you’ll need mopheads that are easy to wash and sanitize. Your mopheads will likely pick up all kinds of bacteria off your floors. It can easily spread around as much filth as it picks up. Third, you’ll need separate wet mops and dry mops for thoroughly clean floors.  

Better Floor Protection

Professional floor care is both an active and reactive process. Cleaning is only one part of this two-step process. You also need to prevent dirt and grime from getting on your floors. You’ll need the right floor mats to achieve this. You need floor mats with abrasive capacities to scrape off dirt and moisture from shoes. They should also be able to trap all the dirt they scrape off so it doesn’t get spread around your bare floors. Aside from the right type of floor mats, your floor mats should also be the right size. Ideally, your entrance mats should provide coverage for up to three to four footsteps to effectively keep contaminants at bay.

The Efficient Way to Improve Your Floor Care and Cleanliness

When you’re running a business full-time, it’s easy to see how floor care can take a backseat. It does not have to be that taxing! All you need is a little help from a reliable floor care service provider. In Houston, there’s only one name who fits the description: Munro’s!

Munro’s is your best source of Houston floor care supplies. We have a selection of top-notch floor mops and floor mats to boost your cleaning needs. Our complete service includes supply and maintenance. This means you can fully focus on cleaning your floors, not on cleaning your mops and mats. 

Munro’s increases efficiency, minimizes inconvenience, and ensures better results. And you can start today.

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