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Why Fabric Choice Matters

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When providing uniforms for your employees, there are many factors to consider. From appearance and branding to fabric choice and comfort, it’s the small qualities that can have the biggest impacts. 

There’s no question that appearance is an important consideration. Afterall, employees are representatives of your company and how they look reflects on your business. But how comfortable they are, and whether their uniforms work with them, will be a factor in their long-term productivity. In this way, fabric choice truly is a decision worth serious contemplation. 

A multitude of factors go into deciding the right fabric. Flexibility, comfort, durability, moisture wicking, and breathability are just some. 

Here are a couple of reasons why fabric choice matters:

1. Durability

Work uniforms are some of the most heavily used clothing around. They’re worn for long hours and get exposed to stressors that make them lose their aesthetic appeal rather quickly. Adding to these difficulties, the all-too often intensive laundry procedures required in their upkeep also threaten to hasten wear and tear. As a result, the lifespan of prized uniforms is cut much shorter than typical garments. This fact is exacerbated when weaker fabrics are used, which become brittle and prone to tearing. They might also lose their color, texture, and alter the way they fit and feel when worn.

2. Wearer Comfort

Different fabrics sit differently depending on design and environmental factors, all of which affect how comfortable they are. With comfort and productivity tied together, achieving consistent employee comfort levels is necessary. Therefore, wearer comfort should sit at the top of the priority list in finding the right fabric for your work uniforms. 


You will need uniform material that is breathable and lightweight so as not to inhibit the movement of its wearer. Stay away from fabrics that tend to be scratchy, itchy, or stick to the skin in the presence of moisture. In short, your fabric of choice should be one that its wearers can wear all day long without issues or difficulties.

3. Appearance

The type of fabric you use affects the outcome of whatever design your uniform comes in. Some designs just show better on some fabrics than others. That is why it is important to consult with uniform service and supply experts on the fabric-design combination to get the best results.

Tough Uniforms for the Hardworking Employee

Few garments work as hard as work uniforms. And in many cases, the quality and suitability of your work uniforms play out into the efficiency of your employees. Don’t let poor uniform choices get in the way of your employees’ comfort, productivity, and overall happiness. Make the right uniform choices with Munro’s Uniform Services.


Our quality product selection, tried-and-tested uniform expertise, and fabric know-how will ensure you get the uniforms you need. Our friendly team of experienced experts will pair you with the best uniforms for your brand.

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