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How to Properly Clean Floor Mats and Why It’s Important

How to Clean Floor Mats

How clean are your floor mats? It might not seem too important, but having clean floors is essential to keeping your facility in its best condition. But when it comes to floor mat cleanliness, it’s not only important to get them clean; it is more important to clean them properly.

Floor Mat Cleanliness: Why It Matters

Aside from it being a good, hygienic practice, there are many reasons to keep your mats clean and to do so properly.

  • Safety. How you clean your mats – method, detergent, frequency, etc. – affects the overall integrity and quality of them. It’s important to learn how these things affect the safety of your floor mats.
  • Effectivity. Whether your mats are purely aesthetic, as in the case of logo mats, or functional, like anti-fatigue, anti-slip, or wiper mats, proper cleaning makes sure that your mats retain the qualities that allow them to function properly.
  • Floor condition. Improper floor mat cleaning, especially for floor mats that are designed to filter dirt, soil, and moisture, can negatively affect this function. This leaves your floors more vulnerable not only to dirt but to micro-damages that lead to premature wear and tear.

Here are some tips on how to properly clean your floor mats:

Clean Them Regularly

Proper mat cleaning should not be a one-time occurrence. For any cleaning to be effective, it has to be done regularly to prevent a heavy accumulation of dirt, moisture, and other impurities. Make floor mats part of your daily facility cleaning schedule.

Maintain Both a Deep Clean and a Regular Clean

Your floor mats, no matter how heavy or light the foot traffic situation at your facility is, should be cleaned two ways: the regular surface clean that we’ve mentioned above, and a more intensive periodic cleaning where you get into the deep-seated dirt that daily vacuuming may have missed. Depending on the volume of foot traffic your floor mats experience on the daily, the frequency of your deep clean can go between once and twice a month.

Dry Floor Mats Properly

Deep cleaning floor mats involves a good, thorough wash. No matter what material your mats are made of, it is important to let them dry thoroughly before reusing or storing. This prevents any damages to the mat’s material as well as the possibility of fungal/bacterial buildup that thrive in dark and moist environments.

Clean Both the Surface and Below the Mats

Aside from cleaning the mats, it is essential to also do a thorough clean of the surface underneath the mat. Heavy accumulation of dirt underneath your floor mats is bad for both your floors and your mats. It is also important to keep these surfaces dry to keep bacteria away.

The Better and Easier Way to Clean Your Mats is with Munro’s

Keeping your floor mats clean, and doing so properly, is not easy. It takes some level of expertise, and certainly comes with some risk. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this yourself. You don’t have to lose time, money, and energy cleaning your floor mats because Munro’s can do it for you!

Contact Munro’s today for more information on our floor mat services and how we can help give you the best care for your floor mats. Call us at 1(800) 256-8676 or reach out here.