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How Munro’s Improves Industrial Safety 

Industrial facilities like manufacturing plants rank among the top workplaces where injuries most commonly occur. From heavy equipment and vehicles to sharp objects, the risk of injury exists just about anywhere! Preventing these accidents involves complex engineering maneuvers and simpler solutions like having the right uniforms. And a Texas uniform service expert like Munro’s improves industrial safety! We have a whole range of products and services designed to protect your staff from the hazards they face.

Munro’s Improves Industrial Safety with These Services

From providing you with the right workwear to making your janitorial goals a breeze to achieve, Munro’s helps you do it all! We offer:

Industrial Uniform Supply

The right uniforms ensure the comfort and safety of your employees while at work. We have a complete selection of industrial uniforms suitable for different situations and different facilities. More than that, we make sure to source our selections only from dependable brands to fully ensure quality and functionality.

Sanitary Solutions

Sanitation is an essential part of workplace safety. And Munro’s sanitary and maintenance products can help! We offer floor mats, mops, and a complete selection of restroom supplies. The swift and timely deliveries of your supplies prevent shortages and disruptions to your cleaning efforts.

Flame-Resistant Clothing

Munro’s offers a selection of flame-resistant clothing for your facility’s more dangerous jobs. We source our FR apparel selections from top manufacturers to make sure that they meet the highest safety standards. They can provide the best protection for your wearers.

Munro’s: Your Partner in Industrial Safety

Boosting your industrial employees’ safety is easier and more effective with Munro’s experience and expertise! We provide:

  • Top-Notch Product Selection Quality. The effectiveness of your industrial supplies depends largely on their quality. With our stringent inspection and top-notch maintenance, you can trust that each item we offer is of the highest quality.
  • On-Time and Accurate Deliveries. Industrial safety also depends on the consistent availability of the right products. That is why we’ve designed our handling and delivery process to be as effective as they are timely. We make sure that your deliveries are on time and accurate to prevent any interruption to your safety protocols.
  • Unparalleled Customer Service. Munro’s offers a partnership – and this is most evident in the brand of customer service that we offer. Your route service representative stays on top of your needs. We work tirelessly to prevent delays, quality concerns, and any other interruption that can threaten the safety of your operations. Someone is always on the other end of the phone to assist you, answer your queries, and respond to your needs. That’s more than just customer service – that’s a partnership that our competitors can only hope to match.

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