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Floor Protection in the Spring

floor protection

Flooring of all kinds is vulnerable to damage by elements brought in by spring weather. Protecting your business’s floor from them should be a priority. Rain and mud can wreak havoc on not just the floor, but everything below it.

The underlayment and subfloor are vital to the structural integrity of your flooring and can be compromised by water infiltration. 

Protecting carpet, wood, tile, laminate, and even linoleum flooring is simple. All that’s needed are the right tools. With spring around the corner, now’s the time to look for solutions. Thankfully, the professionals at Munro’s have just the tools needed to do that. 

Floor Damage Prevention by Munro’s

When you’re getting your supplies ready to prevent floor damage, they should be from a reputable and trustworthy source. With how expensive floor repair can get, preventing damaging elements from penetrating your floor is financially necessary. 

Here’s what Munro’s offers: 

Customizable Mats

Just because a mat is there to protect your patrons, employees, and floors, doesn’t mean it can’t look good. Customizable mats through Munro’s protects floors with their incredible absorbency, dirt-capturing capabilities, and grime-scraping tendencies. If it’s getting stuck on the mat, it’s not getting into your floors. 

Customizable mats are reliable for their: 

Rubber Backing

Water that’s hauled in under foot as part of mud or anything else won’t penetrate the mat. This is thanks to the rubber backing under our custom mats. When water is captured, it’s held until it either evaporates or is professionally cleaned. 

Rubber backing also keeps the mat securely in place. A sliding mat is almost as dangerous as a wet spot for your patrons. Our high-quality rubber backing ensures secure footing in any condition. 

Professional Artistry

No matter how you customize your mat, Munro’s has the experience and expertise to fully represent your vision. Whether it’s your logo or company motto, we’ve got the equipment, technology, and skills to bring it to life. 

Superior Quality Materials

A mat is only as good as its parts. When protecting your floors, quality materials make the difference between successful protection and silent damage. Most store-bought mats don’t come with an assurance of floor safety for a reason. Go with a company that stands behind its products. 

Solid Color Mats

For a simpler take on floor protection, Munro’s also offers solid color mats. Available in a variety of colors, we have the ideal mat to fit your needs and color schemes. With the same protection and quality as our logo mats, there’s no going wrong with Munro’s solid color mats. 

Sizing also isn’t an issue with Munro’s. We have mats big enough to fully cover your entrance and small enough to fit at the cash register. 

Wet Mops

Even if you fully prepare your entrances with Munro’s high-quality mats, there’s no guarantee that all water will be caught by them. When water slips in, having the tools to dry it out could make a difference. 

Aside from keeping infiltrating water in line, quality wet mops from Munro’s are the perfect cleaning implement. They are thick enough to do a thorough job and strong enough to do it quickly. No grime can stand against a Munro’s wet mop. 

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