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Facility Services

facility services

Without quality, always-ready facility services, your business is taking unnecessary risks everyday. Facility services by Munro’s keeps the items you need where you need them, when you need them. Not only can you count on Munro’s to fulfill your facility needs, but we’ll do so with quality materials, always. Here are some of the facility services offered by Munro’s:

Restroom Speciality Mats

Our restroom speciality mats not only improve the safety of your restroom, but also its smell, overall cleanliness, and appearance. Water accumulation on a hard surface is very dangerous. Munro’s bathroom mats keep your floors dry and provide a safe place to stand in any condition. 

They absorb water and evaporate it, keeping floors consistently safe and clean. With regular washing and maintenance, they’ll work perfectly and look good while doing it. 

Bath and Utility Towels

There’s no replacement for having access to quality, ready towels. Whether destined for the bathroom or for another purpose, Munro’s has the towels you’re looking for. Soft, highly-absorbent, attractive, and durable, you can’t go wrong with our towel selection. 

Center Pull Towels

To limit paper towel use while making the experience user-friendly, our center pull paper towels can’t be beat. Made to last for months, and made for extra absorbency, our center pull paper towels are convenient and effective. 

Paper Roll Dispensers

Hands-free, electronic, and automatic paper roll dispensers ensure clean hands stay clean. With sleek design and low-maintenance qualities, our hands-free electric paper roll dispensers are the ideal addition to your bathroom.

Air Fresheners 

There’s no room in your bathroom for bad smells. Unfortunate odors not only make the bathroom experience difficult for customers, but they reflect poorly on the business as a whole. Quality air fresheners by Munro’s will bring wonderful scents into your business’s bathrooms. 

Soap Products

Having quality soap products is vital to maintaining sanitary conditions in your business. Used correctly, lathering soap is a highly effective method in preventing transmission of viruses. Our soap products are not only powerful, but wonderful smelling.  

Urinal Screens and Bowl Clips

Keeping the grimiest parts of your bathroom clean and fresh-smelling isn’t impossible. All that’s needed are professional products and the professional care and maintenance to keep them going. When you get your urinal screens and bowl clips from Munro’s, you’re getting them from a reliable and honest source. 

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