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Paper Roll Dispensers

Paper Roll Dispensers

Give your staff and customers convenience. It’s easy to upgrade your restrooms with sleek, stylish paper roll dispensers from Munro’s!

Professional-Grade Paper Roll Dispensers

Munro’s offers the most effortless way to sort out your restroom supply needs at the professional level. Our paper roll dispensers offer all the convenience and quality you need:

Easy-Access Paper Roll Dispensers

Amp up your restrooms’ accessibility and hygienic quality with the simple addition of our paper roll dispensers. The handsfree mechanism automatically makes it low touch, making it more hygienic than its manual counterparts. Because it is fully automated, Munro’s electronic paper roll dispenser allows for more regulated dispensing of paper products. This decreases wastage and boosts your cost-efficiency efforts easily and effectively.

High-Quality and Low Maintenance

Munro’s believes that your restroom upkeep should not be a full-time job. This product is designed for complete convenience. Upkeep and supply replenishment is easy and efficient, taking no more than a couple of minutes each time.

Installation and Supply by Munro’s

Munro’s takes efficiency further by taking care of your paper roll dispenser installation and supplying your paper rolls. With Munro’s, you don’t have to worry about anything other than making that call and signing up for service.

Munro’s: Helping Make Your Restrooms Better

Poorly maintained restrooms reflect badly on your business. But between running a business and keeping your customers happy, restroom upkeep can easily take a backseat. You don’t have to take on this challenge alone!

Munro’s is here to help you get your best restrooms ever! With our complete restroom solutions, you can focus on your business and not on your empty paper dispensers. You don’t have to worry about sourcing your supplies or keeping up with your inventory. Munro’s will help you get them all in place, easily and effectively.

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