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Flame Resistant Clothing

flame resistant clothing

Any industry that requires flame resistant (FR) clothing needs the best of the best. Employee safety is vital to your business’s success, and safety starts with quality personal protective equipment, including FR clothing. 

For doubtless quality and the protection that comes with it, get your FR clothing from Munro’s Uniform Services. We not only carry the top brands in the business, but we also know how to launder and care for them. That means superior protection and reliable craftsmanship for the greatest amount of time. 

Why Rent Your Flame Resistant Clothing? 

Though renting might seem like the most expensive option on the surface, digging into the costs of ownership quickly dismisses that belief. When you own your flame resistant clothing, you have to maintain the supply, keep every article clean and presentable, and make sure they’re properly maintained. That means close monitoring and evaluation before and after every cleaning. 

And, when a piece of FR wear isn’t up for the task anymore, it’s up to you to replace it at full cost. But not if you’re renting through a reliable provider like Munro’s. Not only do we clean and manage your FR wear supply, but we also replace any that aren’t up to the task. That’s time, energy, money, and stress saved. 

Flame Resistant Clothing We Offer

For industry standard-setting quality and performance, Munro’s offers premium flame resistant  brands and materials. 


Munro’s Uniform Services offers Nomex Flame Resistant garments for every industry. Few fabrics can match the flame-resistant properties of Nomex, and we’re proud to supply such a reliable material. 

100% FR Cotton

For a blend of comfort and safety, we offer 100% flame resistant cotton clothing. These garments are particularly useful for jobs in dangerous and hot environments.

FR Cotton Blend

For a stain-and-flame resistant option, our FR cotton blended clothing options might be just what you’re looking for. Blended with synthetic fabrics, cotton is made stain and wrinkle-resistant. This blend is useful for employees that need to look presentable while staying protected.

FR Jackets

For added protection, our line of flame-resistant jackets not only keep your employees insulated from any dangers, but they will look good while doing it. These jackets are perfect for chilly and dangerous environments. 

Munro’s Uniform Service is the Best Flame Resistant Wear Source

If you’re looking for premium, reliable, and comfortable flame-resistant clothing, look no further than Munro’s Uniform Services. We have the experience, supply, and industry know-how to take the stress out of protecting your employees. For more information, visit our websitecontact us here, or give us a call at (800) 256-8676.