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Floor Care

floor care

Whether you’re looking to make your floors cleaner and safer, or you just want to protect your floors from the costly effects of premature wear and tear, Munro’s has the floor care products and services for you!

Excellent Floor Care Products for Your Business

Here at Munro’s, there is never a floor space too big or too difficult to handle. If it’s floor care products and services you need, we have with industry-leading quality you cannot find elsewhere:

Solid Color Mats

Classic. Functional. Durable. High-quality. Our classic solid color logo mats fit anywhere in your business space and delivers the floor care and protection that you need.

Customizable Mats

Looking for the “perfect fit”? Our customizable mats might be the choice for you! Ideal for graphics like messages and logos while still retaining reliable functionality of high-quality floor mats.

Wet Mops

Mop up spills without damaging your floors with wet mops from Munro’s! Our wet mops selection is tough on dirt but not on sensitive floor surfaces. Get satisfaction of a superbly clean floor every time! Ideal for use with most any cleaning solution.

Dust Mops 

Don’t let a little dust ruin your perfectly good business image! Munro’s has a selection of commercial-grade dust mops that are long lasting, easy to wash and maintain, and make an essential addition to your janitorial arsenal.

Munro’s Uniform Service Gets It Right!

Nothing goes amiss with Munro’s. Whether you’re signing up for basic mat rental service or your entire workforce’s uniform supply, you can trust we’ll deliver. We have safety precautions, safeguards against losses, and a proven formula for efficiency that prevents shortages.

It’s convenient, yes. It’s high-quality, absolutely. It’s Munro’s.

It’s Your Turn to Experience Quality

Contact Munro’s Uniform today to sign up for our floor care services or learn more about our other offerings. Call (800) 256-8676 to get in touch with our 24/7 customer care center! 

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