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Dust Mop Service

Keeping your floors clean is a never-ending task. Give your janitorial team an extra hand with cleaned and treated dust mops from Munro’s!

Better Clean with Better Dust Mops

Munro’s dust mop service is all that you need to get better results for your cleaning:

  • Superior product durability. Munro’s selection of mops is outstanding in quality. Our mops are easy to use, easy to maintain, and long-lasting with superior capacity for repeated use and intense washing.
  • Professional maintenance by Munro’s. Our professional mop maintenance service makes sure your dust mops are clean and safe to use so you are truly cleaning your floors, not transferring last week’s dust to this week’s floors!
  • Weekly exchange program. Munro’s makes sure that your janitorial team always has access to clean mops week after week. Our pickups and deliveries are always on-time, so your floors are always on-point!

Dust Mop Service: The Easiest Path to the Cleanest Floors

Your dust mops need a touch of professional care, too – and Munro’s is your number 1 choice to bring you the best results. Our dust mop service is designed to take your cleaning further while relieving you from the burdens of buying and maintaining your floor mops. Our high-quality dust mops get delivered to your facility week after week, all clean, ready, and safe to use. As a result, you can focus on maintaining your facility, not on maintaining your mops. Munro’s has that covered!

And if you know Munro’s, you know that we are going to deliver excellently, efficiently, and conveniently.

Take Your Cleaning Further with Munro’s

This is the easiest mop supply management will ever be. Get in touch with Munro’s today to sign up for your dust mop rental service or to chat with a rep about the service, pricing, and other details. Call Munro’s at 1(800) 256-8676 or drop us a line here!