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Restroom Specialty Mats

Restroom Specialty Mats

Struggling with restroom maintenance? Restroom specialty mats can help! Munro’s has you covered with our restroom specialty mat service.

Munro’s offers restroom specialty mat service for all types of businesses. With the right floor mats and the right service, your restroom care is made so much easier, faster, and more effective.

Get one step closer to your cleanest restroom floors with Munro’s restroom specialty mat rental service!

  • High-Traction for Your Safety. Munro’s cares about the safety of your facility! That is why our restroom mats selection features high traction backing. The mats stay in place and help prevent slip and fall incidents.
  • Excellent Scraping for Optimum Cleanliness. Keep your business space clean with the right floor mats! Munro’s restroom specialty mats stop the spread of pathogens between rooms with top-notch scraping action. The surface of the mats effectively scrapes off dirt and moisture from the bottoms of shoes. Everything shoes pick up elsewhere will stay on the mats, not on your restroom floors.
  • Top-notch Mat Maintenance by Munro’s. Munro’s keeps your floor mats in tiptop shape and in their cleanest condition! Our mat rental service comes with professional mat cleaning and maintenance, on time deliveries, and the friendliest crew you’ll ever find.

Mat Rental Made Better

Forget about everything bad you’ve heard or experienced in floor mat rental service. Munro’s will turn it all around. Our assurance of top-notch experience goes beyond the quality of the products we serve.

We offer expertise, efficiency, flexible rental programs, friendly business transactions, and the level of mat cleanliness that gives you peace of mind.

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