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wet mop rental service

Wet Mops

The best solution for your floor cleaning needs is here! Munro’s makes your floor cleaning better and easier with our wet mop rental service.

Munro’s wet mop rental service hits the mark in cleanliness, quality, and convenience:

  • Tough mops for tough cleaning jobs. These are your wet mops for all seasons! Whether it’s the dust and grime of summer or the mud and moisture of winter, our floor mops will take on the toughest of your floor cleaning needs. With heavy-duty mop heads and durable mop handles, these floor cleaning essentials from Munro’s will last you longer than any disappointing floor mops you’ve had in the past.  
  • Ideal for use in any business. These wet mops are ideal for use in most every business and for most every flooring type! You can take a Munro’s wet mop to every room in your facility and pair it with your favorite floor cleaning solution. You can expect durability, quality, and excellent cleaning results every time.
  • Professional treatment and maintenance only by Munro’s. Munro’s takes each cleaning shift further with cleaner, safer, and more efficiently treated wet mops. Every mop delivered is ready to use – with no remnant of the past cleaning shifts.

The Only Way to Get Floor Care Right: Wet Mop Rental

Still wasting time wringing your wet floor mops out? We have a better solution for that: our wet mops rental service!

Our mop rental service ensures complete satisfaction on all fronts. We deliver your products on-time, we make sure that your items are the most durable you can get in the market, and our mop maintenance service ensures you don’t waste a single second of your precious time washing, wringing, or drying your mop heads with subpar results at best.

With Munro’s wet mop rental service, you save time and eliminate risks of spreading weeks-old fungi stuck between the fibers of your low-quality mop head all over your business’s floors.  

Munro’s Wet Mops for Your Business

What are you waiting for? Sign up for our wet mop rental service today! Call Munro’s at 1(800) 256-8676 today.