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Bar Towels

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Spills are as inevitable as they are dangerous. Get rid of every spill in your business with ease. Bar towels from Munro’s are ready to help!

Bar Towels for Your Business

Munro’s is your best choice for bar towel rental service in Texas! We have designed our service to address your restaurant’s day-to-day cleaning challenges! 

Versatile Cleaning Tools for All Your Cleaning Needs

Munro’s bar towels are ideal for all of your cleaning needs. Its proven versatility makes it suitable for use on dining tables, bar counters, and kitchen surfaces. We empower your employees with the tools they need to succeed at their job, which is why these towels are perfect for their cleaning needs. No spill, big or small, is ever too difficult to clean up with Munro’s bar towels.

Superior Durability for Superior Results

Only the toughest bar towel can stand up to the day-to-day cleaning challenges of running a food service business. That’s why we’ve selected only the toughest, most durable bar towels in our rental selection to ensure that you get cleaning tools that can truly withstand the challenges of keeping your business space consistently clean.

The Most Dependable Towel Rental and Maintenance Service in Texas

It’s easy to blow through your bar towel inventory in a single day. Not to worry – Munro’s dependable bar towel rental service makes sure that you’ll never have to worry about your pile of dirty bar towels. We have designed our handling service for on-time and accurate delivery of your items. And with our top-notch laundry technology, each delivered towel is spotless, safe, and ready to tackle your dirtiest, greasiest surfaces.

Munro’s Lets You Stay on Top

Your business does not need a service provider. What you deserve is a business partner who stays on top of your towel service needs, so you can stay on top of running your business. We have designed a system that helps you get the most reliable results for your restaurant’s most pressing needs.

With Munro’s, you can always trust that you have someone looking after your needs, taking care of your concerns, and making everything easy and convenient for you.

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