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Professional-grade grill pads made for commercial use and volume are a powerful tool in achieving cleanliness.  Munro’s sanitary solutions grill pads are made for any task. 

Professional-Grade Grill Pads Grill Pads for Restaurants

Since 1928, Munro’s Uniforms has led the industry when it comes to grill pads service. You won’t find them anywhere else at this level of quality. Here’s why:


Munro’s Uniforms puts each of our products through the wringer in testing. We absolutely refuse to sell our clients a product that we wouldn’t use for ourselves. With that in mind, we build out stock tough enough to withstand even the messiest situations. No matter what is going on in the kitchen, your staff can rely on our durable grill pads.


Munro’s Uniforms will clean and maintain your pads regardless of what they have been through. We use the latest and greatest tracking technology in the industry to closely watch every item through our laundry and maintenance processes. We sort each item according to its needs, completely washing them of all grime or bacteria in our state-of-the-art laundry machinery. If we spot damage, our team of experts will repair and even fully replace each item at no additional cost!

Quality Care

Munro’s Uniforms hasn’t been around for nearly a century without learning the importance of customer retention. We offer our clients the most competitive prices in the Lone Star State to give them the best bang for their buck. Our deliveries are always on time and never have any missing or damaged items. Our clients also have access to a team of customer service specialists ready to help them with any question or concern.

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