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Texas Restaurant Linen Service

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Restaurant linen service in Texas can do more than you might know, especially if from an experienced, professional service like Munro’s.

Keeping your diners happy is hard work enough as it is. Don’t let the burden of linens get in the way of your success. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking matters into your own hands or working with a mediocre restaurant linen service provider. If your linen needs weigh you down or leave you dissatisfied, it’s time to give your Texas restaurant linen service a rethink.

When it comes to finding a Texas restaurant linen service partner, there is only one name that should come to mind: Munro’s.

What to Look for In a Texas Restaurant Linen Service Provider

To be considered “professional,” restaurant linen service in Texas must possess the following factors:


When it comes to your Texas restaurant linen service provider of choice, age is definitely more than just a number. You want one who has been through it all – bad weather, order surges, emergency repairs and replacements, and impossible stains. You want one who has seen the worst of it all and is no longer fazed by it. No amount of training can do that, only time-tested experience.

Product Quality

There are no shortcuts to quality, and your restaurant linen service provider should know that. They have to value the importance of good, clean, quality restaurant linens. They have to maintain high linen quality standards, from your most important table linens and chef coats to your all-purpose bar towels.

With customers’ experience being partially determined by the quality of linen at the table, ensuring quality is necessary. 

Remember: the keyword is no cutting corners.

Track Record of Excellent Service

Restaurant linen service is more than just clean tablecloths and immaculate table napkins. As important as linen hygiene is in the foodservice industry, there is more to good linen service than just the promise of clean linens. You need services that ensure quality and reliability, on-time service, zero return orders, accurate volume, and accessibility.

Why Munro’s is Your Best Texas Restaurant Linen Service Partner

Do not let the name fool you – Munro’s Uniform Services does more than just uniforms. And we are your best resource for the high-quality linens and uniforms your restaurant needs. With our expertise, experience, and the quality of products that we offer, you can never go wrong with Munro’s:

We Have the Experience

Munro’s is a family-owned business that specializes in uniforms, restaurant linens and apparel, facility supplies, and industrial workwear. Our experience spans more than 90 years. That’s 90 years of proving ourselves and earning the trust of every single one of our customers.

Our Product Selection Is Always Excellent

One of the most essential skills we have learned in our 90 years of experience is to develop an instinct for quality linens. A great deal of our operating procedures involves ensuring that the quality of the linens is maintained. We have strict quality control standards so you can always expect top-of-the-line linens delivered to your doorstep at every delivery.

The Customer Is Always the King at Munro’s

Your satisfaction is ours. We have made sure that our customer care policies are centered around that philosophy. Our customer care team is at your beck and call, always accessible, and always ready to address your needs and concerns. We are not in the habit of hashing out generic service. What we bring are solutions tailor-made to your business.

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