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Who We Are: Munro’s Uniform Services

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Munro’s Uniform Services is a high-quality provider of uniforms, towels, mats, and facility services. If your business struggles to maintain its supply of uniforms, towels, mats, or bathroom supplies, Munro’s is the solution. 

Quality Supplies, Superior Service

Munro’s Uniform Services understands the value of quality materials and service. If the uniforms or supplies your business uses are sub-par or delivered incorrectly, that affects business. When you don’t have the right materials, your employees can’t represent your company or look professional, simple messes become hassles, and sanitary conditions can’t be maintained in the bathroom. As a result, a big problem gets bigger, and nobody wants that. 

There’s no room for error when it comes to supplying your business. That’s why your uniform, towel, mat, and facility supplier needs to be professional, experienced, and ready for anything. Munro’s is that supplier. 

What We Offer

Outside of providing top-notch uniforms at reasonable rates with professional service, we also offer a variety of other professional-grade services: 


Munro’s offers a variety of towels to suit your business’s needs. From bath and utility towels to center pull towels, bar towels, and more, we have the high-quality towels you’ve been looking for. 


Mats play an important role in protecting your floors, customers, and employees. The only problem is, unless quality mats are used, performance isn’t guaranteed. As a result, the most cost-effective and sure-fire way to maintain your business’s mats is through a reliable mat service. Munro’s offers just that. Be it mats for the office, restaurant, warehouse, or industrial setting, we have the mats to fulfill your needs. 

Flame Resistant Clothing

If flare ups are a possibility in your line of work, your employees need flame resistant clothing. The importance of having quality flame resistance clothing can’t be stressed enough. Luckily, Munro’s takes the stress out of supplying quality garments for your every industrial need.

Image Apparel

If you’re looking for customized clothing, executive clothing, or popular brand items, Munro’s is here to deliver! We offer customizable shirts, hats, and promotional items, as well as executive clothing like polos and dress shirts. Additionally, we offer popular brand items from Wrangler, Nike, and more!

Restroom Supplies

Few things are worse than using a restroom that’s understocked or missing items. From air fresheners to soap products, Munro’s has the supplies to keep your bathroom clean and comfortable. 

Purchasing and Cleaning Needs Taken Care Of

Unlike our competitors, Munro’s offers flame resistant garments for direct purchase through our sister company, and the services to keep them clean. If you own flame resistant garments or floor mats, we can clean them for you. With that in mind, you can focus on the projects that truly need your attention. 

Munro’s Safety Apparel 

With five locations throughout Texas and Louisiana, our Munro’s Safety Apparel stores are ready and waiting to fulfil your inventory needs. From flame resistant apparel to steel toed boots, we’ll cover your requirements from head to toe. 

Munro’s Cleaners 

Our laundry services are top-notch and designed to serve the business community. Whether you bought your garments or supplies through us or elsewhere, Munro’s Cleaners is ready. From restoration and leather cleaning to general laundering services, no task is beyond our capabilities. 

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Are you tired of unreliable service or lack-luster products? Contact Munro’s Uniform Services today! We service Houston, TX to Iowa, Louisiana (East to West) and Gulf Coast to Jasper, TX (North to South).

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